video premiere: Dosser - "Sink"

December 17th 2020

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Dosser formed in the summer of 2018 inside of a small, moldy practice space in Baltimore City. After writing, demoing, and playing local shows for a little over a year, we recorded our first EP “Brainscan” with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations.


Kevin’s experience recording more loud, abrasive bands like Full of Hell, Integrity, and Multicult helped us form a full, heavier sound while also creating the 90s worship indie rock record we wanted to make (Yes, we listen to a lot of Hum and Failure).


Dosser’s lyrics tend to shift between an internal battle with mental illness and a short, distant daydream. Bret and Will try to write lyrics that are personal, but still vague enough to allow the listener to interpret them however they apply to their own lives. “Sink” was written during a year in which a lot of my friends including myself were struggling with mental health and addiction. It’s about wanting to help your friends survive and make it through hard times while still trying to take care of yourself.


The chorus about wanting to be “floating and weightless in the sea” is about how I wish I could find some kind of inner peace at times, and just be present. I end the song screaming the word “drown” as loud as I possibly can to mimic the riptide-like effect of anxiety and stress has on me. It can abruptly pull me out of a completely perfect, happy moment into a dark, terrifying place where I feel a total loss of control of my own mind. I’m glad to have this song released as a single because it involves everyone I feel close to, and that makes it special to me.

The name “Brainscan” was taken from a mid-90s horror movie about a virtual reality video game where gamers unconsciously commit homicide in real life. The film reminded us of our own modern day addictions to technology, and how we use it to create a “better”, more presentable version of our lives to distract us from the bleak, harsh world we live in. 

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