22 jan. 2021

Track Listing

1. Weighed Down

2. In A Dream...

3. Sleep

4. Kung Lao

5. Breather

6. Sink

Run Time

20 Minutes


Really Rad Records

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Alternative Rock/Grunge


Baltimore, MD

Artist Socials

IG: @dossermd

Twitter: @dossermd



Garyt Smith


Over the past decade, it’s become increasingly in vogue for bands to pay lip service to 90s alt rock, but many of them capture only the most surface level cosmetic elements, missing the critical components that defined that decade’s underground scene. A chorus pedal, a Big Muff, and a flannel don’t go far on their own merits. To put it bluntly, many groups fundamentally do not “get it”. But Baltimore, MD’s Dosser absolutely does.


Where many of their contemporaries are little more than thinly-veiled pop punk acts doing retro cosplay, Dosser gets at the core of what made 90s guitar rock such a compelling force. From leads that hearken back to early Weezer, massive riffs that evoke Jawbox, and razor sharp pop-rock sensibilities that bring to mind the Foo Fighters’ debut LP, this is a band synthesizing the best parts of various forms into their own potent formula.


Formed in the summer of 2018 by Will Teagu, Bret Lanahan, Eric Dudley, and Max Detrich, Dosser’s debut EP finds a band playing at a level well beyond what their short lifespan might suggest. Coming out on Really Rad Records as a single sided 12” with a screen printed b-side, Brainscan is about as strong an opening volley as it gets.




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