an open letter

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"At the time of this review, An Open Letter had only been together for a few months; the two band members are in their mid-teens. You wouldn't be able to guess though from their self-titled debut, that the musicians and their project are so young - this recording has a lot of feeling and atmosphere that older ambient Black Metal bands would kill to have. These guys have good music composition and arrangement skills, and an ear for very melancholy melody, so much so that the style of melodic ambient Post-Black Metal they play might best be described as blackened shoegaze (blackgaze). The sound quality on the EP seems just right as well for the style of music and the moods expressed. For such a young band, An Open Letter has so much confidence and consistency in their playing, and a lot of maturity in their song-writing. These guys are worth watching in the future." -- Jennifer Hor, The Sound Projector

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