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Really Rad began life in 2014 as a silly name to release our terrible Emo music under. We were a small bedroom operation, only capable of dubbing two tapes at a time on thrifted cassette machines. We soon discovered we weren't the only band who made music that wasn't "traditionally marketable" but still wanted access to physical copies of our art. We began creating tapes for our friends' bands, friends of our friends' bands, etc. Soon we didn't know who we were making cassettes for, but we were having a blast doing it.


Expanding our operation to offer CDs & vinyl in 2015 saw Really Rad growing from a corner of my small bedroom, to a slightly bigger bedroom, to a slightly bigger bedroom than THAT, until we could finally afford to devote an entire room of the house to Really Rad.


Fast forward years later and what began as a stupid joke has now accidentally released dozens of records from some of the most exciting names in underground music. As the stakes have continued to get higher and higher, so have we.



RRR-000 - Welfare Queens - 3 Sad Dudes, 5 Rad Tunes [CS]
RRR-001 - Math Jokes - So Far... (MATHOGRAPHY ‘14) [CS/CD]
RRR-002 - Adult Feelings - Boxghost EP [CS]
RRR-003 - Pictures of Vernon - The Days Are Just Packed [CS]
RRR-004 - Vegas in Space - Demo 2k15
RRR-005 - Griffey - Dirt [CS]


RRR-006 - Griffey - Debilitating Thoughts [CS]
RRR-007 - Best Friends - The Adventure We Call ‘Youth’ [CS]
RRR-008 - Best Friends - Coming to Terms With [CS]
RRR-009 - Math Jokes - Not All Our Friends Are Friends Anymore [CS]
RRR-010 - Belljar - Euphoria/Dysphoria [CS]
RRR-011 - An Open Letter - S/T [CS]
RRR-012 - Remo Drive - Breathe In/Perfume [7”/CS]
RRR-013 - Boat Race Weekend - Live [Digital]
RRR-014 - Vegas in Space - S/T [CS]
RRR-015 - Lesserman/Florals - Split [CS]
RRR-016 - House of Blue Leaves - Charmed Existence [CS]
RRR-017 - You Taught Me How To Cope - With You I Will Live Again [CS]
RRR-018 - Portraiture - Demo [CS]
RRR-019 - Sleep//Happening - 9” [9”/CS]


RRR-020 - Dowager - Death of a Moth [CS]
RRR-021 - Troubled Minds - Something Worth Saving [12”/CD/CS]
RRR-022 - Champanes - S/T [Digital]
RRR-023 - House of Blue Leaves - Nu-Cacophony
RRR-024 - Estranged Husbands - Going Through It [CS]
RRR-025 - Xaq Mandy Gllnd - S/T [Digital]
RRR-026 - Pelvis - R.I.P. [CD/CS]
RRR-027 - Feel Better - S/T [CD/CS]
RRR-028 - Bark Dog - Over Everything [CS]
RRR-029 - Dowager - Title Track [12”/CD/CS]
RRR-030 - Curse League - Bodega Disco [CS]
RRR-031 - Euth/Closet Witch - Split [7”/CS/CD]


RRR-032 - Murdrum - S/T [CD/CS]

RRR-033 - Leor Miller - Soft Focus - [CS]
RRR-034 - Outlier - Through A Set of Rose Shaded Eyes [12”/CD/CS]
RRR-035 - Winnebago Vacation - S/T [CS]


RRR-036 - SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Fashion Statements of the Socially Aware [7”/CS/CD]

RRR-037 - Heavy Sleeper - Alive & Well [CD/CS]

RRR-038 - Gloom - The Musical Stylings of... [CS/CD]
RRR-039 - Built to Spill Cover Compilation [Digital]
RRR-040 - Gloom - 2 Fast 2 Serious [CS]
RRR-041 - The Trevor Project Compilation [Digital]

RRR-042 - Winnebago Vacation + SCHMAVE Split [CS]


RRR-043 - Dizzypunch - Smear Campaign [CS]


RRR-044 - Terminal Crush - Columbus [CS/CD]

RRR-045 - Avec Plaisir - Demos + I Don't Really Car [CS/CD]

RRR-046 - Dosser - Brainscan [12"]


RRR-047 - [Announcement coming soon!]

RRR-048 - [Announcement coming soon!]

RRR-049 - [Announcement coming soon!]

RRR-050 - [Announcement coming soon!]

RRR-051 -  Dosser - Quarantine Sessions [Digital]

RRR-052 - [Announcement coming soon!]


RRR-053 - [Announcement coming soon!]

RRR-054 - [Announcement coming soon!]